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A game of skill and accuracy and fun for all ages, Quoits has players compete to throw their rings from a distance around one of the wooden posts. Each post is worth a different point score.

Quoits is an excellent game for the backyard, beach, social events, weddings, family fun or general drinks with friends. Toss the rings underarm and over the pegs to win points. Each peg has different number points attached to the base and the first player to reach 500 points is the winner!! The throwing distance from the centre quoits peg is 3 meters. Make sure each player is throwing behind the 3 m line.

To make things more challenging, increase the throwing distance.

Our Quoits game includes:

  • 5 rope circles approx 15cm in diameter
  • 1 wooden pine cross (42cm across)



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Dimensions 42 cm
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