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Giant Jenga

Standing 1.27m tall (and that’s before you start playing), our Giant Jenga is the super beast of all lawn games. Suitable for all kinds of gatherings and events such as engagement parties, weddings, birthdays, outdoor activities and BBQs.

Played by taking one block out of the tower at a time & placing it on top, the game finishes when a block or multiple blocks fall from the tower. Add in a few tricky rules, only using 1 hand & not being able to take from the top 2 levels, makes for severe fun times.

Our true GIANT Jenga hire includes:

  • 54 x wooden blocks
  • 2 x 60L storage/transport containers


  • Height is 127cm & 21cm Wide at the beginning of the game.
  • Up to 2m+ during the game (serious FUN lives here)



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Dimensions 21 × 127 cm
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