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Serving Trays & Cake Stands

Transform your backyard events and weddings into unforgettable experiences with our Serving Trays & Cake Stand hire solutions.

Whether it’s an elegant tray for serving delightful canapĂ©s, a sophisticated stand for buffet presentations, or something more elaborate for a formal dinner setting. We have the perfect options to elevate your event.

Our experienced team is here to guide you, ensuring you find the ideal set of equipment and accessories to create a stunning display and presentation for your next event.

At Behind The Scenes Event Hire, we understand the importance of attention to detail in making your celebration truly special.

Our high-quality tray equipment and stands are not just functional; they are a statement of style and refinement.

Let us help you curate a memorable atmosphere that reflects your unique taste and style.

Choose elegance, choose sophistication—choose us for a seamless and visually stunning event experience.

Our serving trays & cake stand hire solutions are sure to make your next event special.


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