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Marquees for hire

Pagoda hire

Our Pagoda styled marquees feature a contemporary peaked roof design, with easily installed sliding walls and a non-adjustable lightweight frame. The pagoda is available in a range of sizes from 3m x 6m to our largest 6m x 24m. 

Maximum use of space is achieved with no use of guy ropes and a centre pole mounted on a set of internal cross wires above head height.

Our pagodas are lightweight, strong waterproof and engineered to withstand up to 80 km/h winds.

The eye catching peaked roof makes it the perfect solution for a range of events and functions, pagodas can be used as a stand alone structure or joined together to create larger spaces.

Hocker Style

BTS have a range of Hocker marquees in widths of 6m & 10m

Our wide modular framed Hocker marquees are extendable in length by 3 m bays.  Each bay can b opened or closed depending on your style and the weather.

The free standing structure allows the Hocker marquee to maximise space, lightweight, strong waterproof and engineered to withstand up to 80 km/h winds.

The A frame structure is the perfect canvas for your creative flair to run wild, perfectly customisable to suit any party size.

Market Umbrellas

Our market umbrellas are a great way for you to provide extra shade at your next event or party. 

Stylish umbrellas in either white or beige, our umbrellas can be paired with our wine barrels to provide a shaded cocktail bar, or left free standing with its base for quick easy cover.


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