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Tanya + Jordan

A mosey down memory lane! From the founders of BTS Event Hire. Welcome to our wedding.

Palm Beach, NSW


We’re Tanya + Jordan, AKA, team BTS. Welcome to our wedding.

Here’s a little more about our story.

It started not long after this remarkable fellow thought spending the rest of our lives together would be pretty neat, so he popped that nonchalant question whilst on vacay in the Maldives, as you do.

In the moment, I couldn’t help thinking – is this man crazy, or has he just had one too many Maldivian mojitos. In my seconds of shock, the regretful words out of my mouth were not a resounding yes, but instead, “ARE YOU SURE”?

So, why my hesitation?

Well, you see, I come as a package deal, & I don’t mean wedding packages. I come with kids in tow. 3 of them, in fact.

For those who have been married before & had it end, well you may know, it doesn’t always come easy. So, here’s me, the Tanya +++ package and this man asking to be part of that forever. This glorious human who loves me for me is extending his magnificent reach to me & my kids as if they were his own, no matter what confronts us.

How insanely lucky am I!

Clearly the story didn’t end there, because here I am, writing about our story….

The planning begins

Soon after we arrived home from the Maldives, the planning for our epic party began.

All the feels flowed. Excited, confused, overwhelmed, pricing quote shock – say how much! But, above all, we were mostly underwhelmed. We knew it was important that our wedding reflected us, our relationship & the family unit that would be formed.

We were underwhelmed that inspo was oozing but the special touches we wanted were nowhere to be found, not locally at least. How were we going to make this happen with elements that were special to us? Let’s do it ourselves, we say, and so we did.

What started with the intent of telling our story quickly became a side hustle hobby. A party here, a wedding there eventually would see me fall in love, find a passion & the courage to begin kicking small biz goals.

We’re proud to say we’ve grown from a few special pieces in a garage to a container load of curated goodness & now a warehouse full of really amazing pieces.

We are the humans behind this small biz.

Our story has led us to be super passionate about helping others highlight everything unique to them and their story. We all have one, and we hope to be able to help you tell yours.

So please stay a while and mosey down our memory lane. We’re delighted to share images, and tips learned from not only our special day but just a little insight since saying I Do. We’ve come a long way as business owners in the events industry. We hope you enjoy!

A family joining together

As a step-family coming together, it was really important to us that my kids play a significant role on the wedding day.

How did we achieve this? My son, who was 10 at the time, walked me down the aisle. Additionally, we involved him during the ring exchange. My daughter was a bridesmaid, and she read a special poem during the ceremony.

The kids participated in the whole event, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The First Look – couple style

Traditionally, most couples wait until their fiance is walking down the aisle before they cast eyes on each other. We knew we would be pressed for time, between the ceremony and reception to take photos, and because our priority was to get the party started we decided to do a “first look” but, with a twist.

You see not only would Jordan be seeing me for the first time on our wedding day, but I would also be seeing him.

Throughout the wedding planning, neither Jordan nor I knew what the other was wearing. I didn’t know if Jordan would be wearing a suit, what colours would he have and would he opt for a jacket? I knew none of it.

Not knowing key details made planning the styling brief a little more challenging, but we worked with a stylist from David Jones, who helped Jordan select his outfit. Without giving away any of the details, she was key to ensuring neither of us digressed away from a balanced colour palette.

I absolutely loved doing our first look together. It’s one of the most special moments from our day. I would highly recommend.

The Ceremony Set-up

OK guys, let me tell it to you straight. It’s a pain in the ass. I mean, I totally get it. You might think it’s easier, cheaper and fun to set up your own ceremony or ask your friends to do it for you…. But trust me. It’s not.

I can say this only now, after creating many a wedding ceremony.

Let’s just think about it and consider the options.

Option One – You decide the set the ceremony up yourself
Option Two – You appoint your awesome friends and family to this task
Option Three – You hire an event company like ours to take care of it all for you #winning

Consider this, whilst all your other guests have moved onto the celebrations, your friends and family who’ve you’ve asked to help have to stay behind and pack up, clean and sometimes, load furniture into trucks. All dressed to the nines.

Jordan and I will both be forever grateful to our dear friends for their help on our wedding day, but we really had no idea how much we were truly asking of them. If our friends read this post, you know who you are… THANK YOU! You’re absolute legends, and the bottle of champers was nowhere near enough of thanks.

Reception vibes

Ah, The Boathouse at Palm Beach One of my most favourite locations. We loved everything about The Boathouse, and it suited our style and desires perfectly. I would, in a heartbeat, do every detail the same.

Unlike our ceremony, where we relied on our fabulous friends to create the setup, the reception was taken care of because The Boathouse looked after it all. We did have our own styling elements to be added to the space, such as our coastal lanterns, sweets buffet and wishing well, but a simple floor plan provided to the team was all that was needed. They arranged everything. I could not recommend this highly enough. That you allow the experts to work their magic.

So much stress is involved in planning a wedding, far outreaching most people’s expectations. Hiring a professional is your best bet to reduce wedding overwhelm.

The Solution

Let us take care of the hard work. We’ll sweat it out, not your guests. Don’t you want them to attend your wedding and enjoy themselves? Of course, you do. Leave the heavy lifting and worry to the professionals. We’ve got you covered.

Contributing Vendors

Ceremony: Palm Beach Golf Course

Reception: The Boathouse Palm Beach

Hire & Signage: Behind the Scenes Event Hire

Makeup: Makeup by Megan

Hair: Carly Wood Mobile Wedding Hair Sydney

Photography: Tim Coulson Photography

Celebrant: Claire Belford

Blooms: The Petal Sisters

Band: Press Club Band

Photo Booth: Cliq Booth

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