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How Did We Get Here!

From lounge room & garage to shipping containers galore. We've turned our side biz into what you see today! How did we get here? Read on to find out more.

It happened in a day.

That moment in late 2016 when we decided to embark on our small biz venture, sitting in the sunshine planning our dream Wedding or rather the dream party we knew we always wanted. The party we would share with our family and friends but most importantly, the party that signified our unique worlds colliding. What personal touch could we add to our very special celebration?

We had already selected our epic reception venue, The Boathouse Palm Beach. We loved how effortless The Boathouse was, truly using the natural surroundings to its full advantage, the impeccable styling and the most amazing food and service all year round. We fell in love with everything about this special place. So, we moved our focus to the creation of a bespoke summer Ceremony. We started searching for local Central Coast vendors that could provide event style for hire, we wanted to support our local community – even though our celebration was destined for the shores of Pittwater. With little on offer, it was obvious that our bespoke dreams could only come true if we created it ourselves.

Entwining our ideas and the need to source unique items to bring our vision to life, the treasure hunt began and then continued, plus some and plus some more again

And so Behind the Scenes Event Hire was born…..

… and why not, a few months of sourcing and creating, we had more than enough to share around.

We loved our little side biz. Spending weekends meeting people, treasure hunting, recycling and restoring furniture, creating and building our designs. With Jordan a twice already business owner and Tanya in a senior management government role, add in raising kids, planning a wedding and everything in between…. you get the gist, life was BUSY.

From side biz to going all in!

Fast forward a few years, and our side biz is not so little after all. In 2018 we opened the doors to our first warehouse and soon after, BTS blossomed into something much more. Our success has seen us outgrow of first home and in 2019 we relocated to a more suitable space for our ever-growing hire range.

Our collection

Our collection is growing fast, faster than we could have ever imagined. Who knew that our ceremony dreaming was paving the way for creativity that we never knew existed. We have many hire pieces suitable for special events and celebrations such as weddings, parties, engagements, baby showers, kitchen teas, birthday celebrations and so much more.

We can’t wait to meet you

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